Roofing Trends for 2020 – Infographic

The roof is a highly fundamental part of every home. It serves as protection for you and your family against different types of weather. From heavy rain, strong wind, hail and snow, and scorching sun, a roof covers your home from all kinds of weather conditions that can damage the inside of your home as well as affect the health of everyone living inside.

While considering the functionality of a roof is essential, it’s also crucial to consider the aesthetics. A roof is a prominent feature of any home that can vastly improve the curbside appeal and catch the eye of any passersby. 

A roof is even considered to be a selling point in increasing your asked price for the value of a home listed for sale. Potential buyers may become wary of buying a house when it has an older and deteriorating roof. 

Since the roof plays a huge role in a home’s overall curb appeal, homeowners often consider implementing the latest roofing trends for a great looking home. The roofing industry offers various styles with different colors, shapes, functionality, and material. Technology has also made innovation for roofs, creating an endless list of roofing options.  

With these never-ending options, these roofing trends are a helpful guide on determining the best for your home. While it’s still too early to decide on the most popular roofing materials of the year, an analysis of the trends in the previous year can give us an idea of what we can look forward to. 

This infographic by Universal Contracting Florida predicts some of the roofing trends that may become a trend for 2020.