Why Facebook Ads For Dentists Can Boost Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a new dental startup or part of an established practice, your business thrives on attracting new patients. Facebook ads for dentists is one of the most effective methods of achieving this goal by reaching the market audience you’re looking for and driving these prospects to your practice page or website

Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 2021

The success of your communication on social networks depends on the quality of your images. Knowing the right dimensions will allow you to have an optimal display and increase the resolution of your photos.

The image is the essential element and must be in high resolution!

Number of pixels, dimensions, height and width of the image, compression rate, maximum size: here is the guide to image sizes on social networks in 2021. It will allow you to have the dimensions at hand!

To begin with, the image accompanying your text must :

– Be in jpeg or png format, the goal is to have a full hd image
– Have a resolution of 72 dpi
– Respect the size recommended by the social network

Note that several image formats are available, an image that displays perfectly on Facebook will not display correctly on Twitter or Linkedin, so it is important to maintain these proportions to avoid a loss of quality.

In order to help you, we have designed this infographic to access more easily all the dimensions of images and photos on different social networks.

Source: Digitiz

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Social Media is the new normal, where we not only build connections but also share knowledge with each other.

Social platforms provide us everything right from engagement to anything we can think of.

If you’re a B2B business, posting during traditional work hours while the employees of those companies are on their business accounts would be the best time.

For a B2C business, you’ll be targeting individual consumers. These folks are on social media at key times: before work, lunchtime, and while relaxing at home at night.

So here’s the best times to post on social media.

For more insights – https://www.searchenginejournal.com/is-there-a-best-time-to-post-social-media-updates/272507

Qualities that should possess by a Best SEO Company

Even if you are having good knowledge in the field of SEO, you may still need help from a professional SEO Company.  If you are having sufficient knowledge in SEO and doing your best to attain the best ranking for your website but if your website is not doing well then you need help from SEO Company. For more details, visit https://subers.com/search-engine-optimization/

Commercial Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing is critical for brands and companies to get more exposure and grow. Statistics show that by 2022 online video will make up more than 82% of the internet traffic. It’s critical that brands and companies get involved now before it’s too late. The most popular way to use video is for social media promotion but video can be used for many different marketing purposes. Studies also show that video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. Learn more about video marketing today.

Source: Commercial Video Marketing Statistics for Filmmakers

Facebook Privacy Concerns

We take an in-depth look at the privacy concerns surrounding Facebook and how users feel about their data being sold. We also examine recent data breaches in which corporations were fined for their negligence. We found that most individuals didn’t know their private information was being stored and that they were uncomfortable with how Facebook was handling their personal information. The fine that Facebook received was the largest ever for any type of data breach in US history.

Source: Facebook Alternative

How Social Media can drive opportunity growth

Although you’ll find most of the time that we will mention three or four social media platforms please realize that there are hundreds that you could choose from and it’s your responsibility to find the ones that best fit your audience.
It’s important to have a well-rounded set of goals when using social media, especially in the beginning. For example a lot of people have an unreal and an unspoken expectation to use social media in the beginning and generate a ton of traffic. Although this is possible, it is not likely and I want to give you an example to compare.
I’ve said this before but rather than think of social media as a billboard, think of it as a building. A lot of planning goes into place when constructing a building for business. You look for prime location, what side of the street how many people pass this area on a daily basis, how much is it going to cost, etc.?

Source: Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

The Top 11 Reddit Clones and Alternatives

Reddit.com is basically the Jango Fett of content aggregation sites, from which many other aggregation sites are based. Reddit has a subforum for basically every mainstream or niche topic you could feasibly think of. The benefit of this, of course, is that Reddit has something for everyone, while the downside is that Reddit has something for everyone. However, many users prefer more specialized sites that are similar in concept. This infographic lists 11 sites that are similar to Reddit for users of every background and of all types of interests.

Source: https://www.256kilobytes.com/content/show/10478/the-top-11-reddit-clones-and-alternatives

10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Could Get You Blacklisted!

Instagram is a huge platform for businesses to promote their brand and it has more engagement than any other social media network right now. Instagram can be a great place to grow your community, build collaborations and even make sales. But you must have a strategy in place and there are several common mistakes that you need to avoid in order to make it work for your business. Here are 10 Instagram marketing mistakes that can cost you followers and sales.

Here are the key things to avoid:
1. Stealing other people’s content
2. Spammy comments
3. No hashtag strategy
4. Instagram name not optimized
5. Using links in your captions
6. Wrong content
7. Using Instagram as a billboard
8. Lacking overall strategy
9. Bad grammar
10. No game plan for using DM’s

Source: Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Fake News: The age of Misinformation

MTV. CNN. MSNBC. ABC. BBC. When you turn on the TV, open the newspaper, or read your daily digest, there’s only one channel that matters: the CIA and MI6. The Machiavellian project known as the mainstream media has its origins in America’s post-WWII project, Operation Mockingbird. Carefully engineered by the American deep state using handpicked scientists and propagandists from the vestiges of Germany’s 3rd Reich, the Eisenhower administration weaned it into fruition and passed the baton to subsequent ones. We look at the science behind the organisation, structure, and history of the Corporate News Nightmare. Here’s a brief overview:

Infographic by mass media propaganda facts

Smart Strategies for Successful Social Media Marketing

Effective social media strategies can actually help in increasing the growth of your business. Recently, social media has undergone massive changes and businesses are trying their best to make the most of it. Businesses need to consider a few factors when they are planning a strategy for their social media. Using more visuals with incorporated images, videos and infographics are considered to be a lot effective. You can convert stats into infographics which makes it interesting. Social media strategies should be planned in a way so that it builds maximum connection with the audience. Publishing informative content helps in creating useful content. When creating strategies for your business, you should never ignore your audience. The success of a brand depends a lot on the target audience. It is important not to be pushy and being respectful. Trends keep changing every now and then. Implement your social media strategies well and success will follow.

Source Link: https://www.gillsolutions.com

Facebook Cheat Sheet for Business Pages

Managing your Facebook business pages can be tough. Your Facebook business page is a representation of your brand – it must look great! Here’s the list of updated dimensions of the various marketing creatives that you will need to make your Facebook business page look awesome. All these dimensions are referenced directly from Facebook and tested to make sure that it works. Go ahead and try them.

Infographic by OFFEO