8 Tips To Plan An Amazing Bachelorette Party

Do you have plans to organize a bachelor party soon? To arrange a Jaco Costa Rica bachelor party which is worth cherishing forever, you will need to follow some few steps. Take into consideration the wishes of the groom and make plans for the party accordingly. Decide whether the party will be held at an indoor or outdoor venue. Plan early and book the place. Will it be a pool party, cruise party or a nightlife adventure? Opt for the one which is most comfortable for the guests. Decide the budget of the event. Research and discussions need to be done keeping the budget in mind.

Create a checklist for doing everything as per schedule. Inform people whom you want to invite for the event early. Plan a surprise. This will enhance the charm of the event and will make it memorable. Be ready for possibilities like a change in schedule. Be flexible and have a plan B you can use in such situations.

UK Film Festivals 2020 | Film Festivals London

UK film festivals are a feast for creators and viewers alike. Hosting some of our best up, they’re a sure way to viewings that you won’t forget in a hurry. Luckily, we’re blessed with a great many top options, as you’ll know if you hit the UK film festivals 2019 circuit. This year 2020 looks just as jam-packed, and we’re proving it with a list of UK film festivals that you won’t want to miss.

Best Corporate Event Ideas

There are different types of corporate events we have seen. Sometimes it’s just a drink party in the evening while sometimes it might be a full day event with lot’s of team building activities.

Deciding the good event idea is not that easy job. There are number of options available but not all are worthy. An event must be something that best fits for the team and helps to achieve the goal as well.

Here we have some of the best corporate event ideas that one can go with which include mystery dinner, a silent disco, an internet TEDx event, office talent show, sports match, ultimate assault course challenge etc.

Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Event

When it comes to party, without a perfect theme any party becomes boring. A perfect party theme can bring any event to life. Setting up a theme party can be a bit daunting task. However, we can help you out with some amazing decorations to complete transform your party to theme of your choice.

Whatever the theme you have in mind, we will make sure to bring life to your event as per your expectations. Deciding a party theme idea may become difficult sometimes.

Here we have some of the best party theme ideas that anyone can try for their upcoming event which include some of the most popular themes like game of thrones theme, heaven theme, hellfire theme, seaside theme, new york theme, playboy mansion theme, wild west theme, gangster theme, night party theme, dinner theme, medieval castle theme, masquerade ball theme, enchanted forest theme, karaoke theme, hollywood oscars theme etc.

The History of Bocce

The game of bocce has been played around the world for longer than you probably realize. The earliest forms of lawn bowling began in ancient Egypt, roughly 7,000 years ago. Since then, the game has moved onto Greece, the Roman Empire, Holland, France, Italy, and beyond. Bocce was also banned several times throughout history by politicians who thought it was too much of a diversion. While bocce is now governed by two international bodies, it still remains a very flexible game. Regulation games are played to a total of 12 points, but non-regulation games played to 10, 15, and 21 points remain popular as well. Learn more about the roots of bocce so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of the game. We hope you’ll find that knowing bocce’s history makes you feel more connected to the game, and able to enjoy it on a deeper level.

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The Guide to a Successful Cinema Event

Are you looking for an outdoor cinema night with your friends & family? There are number of benefits of arranging cinema event. It can be larger than life moment.When you start planning for cinema event, choosing a perfect date is the most important. The Silent Cinema Company helps you in selecting thr right date for you.

Also, you can add an idea to have some alternative entertainment and games. You would need some extra furniture, the seating arrangements that must be spacious and accessible. For more about cinema hire contact us today on 02084326151.

Know more on Guide to a Successful Cinema Event.

The 14 Funniest Misheard Song Lyrics

It’s easy enough to mishear phrases in regular spoken language—it gets way easier with songs. The rhythm and intonation are different, all the instruments can obstruct the clarity of the voice, and sometimes singers just don’t sing very clearly. With the added knowledge that song lyrics don’t always make very much sense, songs are the perfect recipe for delightfully amusing misheard phrases.

We’re all guilty of hearing what we want to hear, so when you’re hungry you could be forgiven for thinking the Eurythmics are singing “Sweet dreams are made of cheese.” Besides, sometimes the misheard version is far easier to hear than the intended original, and sometimes they even make for a more interesting song.

Here are 14 of the funniest misheard song lyrics, along with the title of the song, the artist, and a bit of information about the song’s success, as all the listed songs were big hits.

All You Need to Know About Safety Practices in Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the popular outdoor relaxation activities. Most of the people enjoy doing Scuba diving. But, you also need to be aware of the risk associated with this recreational activity. It is not like any of the normal adventure thing rather it requires proper training. Sometimes unfortunate accident occurs during diving which may results even to the death of a person. But with a proper care and precautions scuba diving can be a very relaxing activity.

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The Evolution of Black Comedy

This infographic shows the evolution of Black Comedy in the United States from 1874 to 1988. Starting with legends such as Moms Mabley and Redd Foxx. Then continuing all the way to some of the stars starting to take over the comedy scene today. You can see all your favorites on the list such as Martin Lawrence, Steve Harvey, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, and of course Richard Pryor just to name a few.

Infographic by Black Comedians

List of 12 Zodiac Signs and their Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

Humanity has thought about the meaning of the universe for a considerable length of time. As such, we have followed the sun’s rise and fall, the moon’s mysterious cycle, and the rotation of boundless stars overhead. Viewing the changes of the celestial world and understanding ourselves was deeply connected for countless centuries. The ever changing movements of the universe still guide us today.
The following infographic demonstrates each and every zodiac sign and their role in the universe.

Infographic by Zodiac Signs

What are the health benefits of escape rooms?

Escape rooms are beneficial for physical and mental health.  These games can be played with family and friends and gives you a new experience. Although it is a normal looking room with numerous puzzles and brain teasers. You are asked to unlock the room within 60 minutes. It is it difficult to stay fit in today’s hectic schedules and lifestyle. Many successful companies have embraced the concept of escape rooms to help them employees relieve stress and relax for some time. If you are one of those looking for a relaxing weekend, you must play escape room games. Here are some of the benefits of escape room games.


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