5 Top Things you Never Heard About PBX Phone Systems

To conclude the above, PBX solutions have revolutionized business operations. With this interlinked communication and data system, VoIP systems would allow you to ace the present corporate competition.

Apart from this, many small and medium-sized businesses are switching to Cloud-based PBX for its flexibility and cost affordability. We provide the best business communication solutions for upcoming and already established firms assisting with an expert technical team.

How To Stop Spreading Of COVID-19 [ Infographic ]

COVID-19 Virus transmitted through the droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are heavy so it’s too difficult to hang in the air, so they settle down to the surface speedily and contaminated the surface with a virus.

A person can be infected with the COVID-19 virus by inhaling the virus. If you are nearby to someone who is infected with a virus, or by getting in contact with the surface and product contaminated by the Virus through and medium.

Things to Consider While Selecting Medical Answering Services

Doctors or medical facilities looking to handle the calls of their patients must hire a company that offers the best answering services for medical offices. There are various points that you must focus on while selecting, answering services for your patients. Visit https://www.nomorephonetag.com/3-major-factors-to-focus-on-while-selecting-medical-answering-services/ to know about them.

Efficient Mobile WorkForce During The #COVID-19

Vitel Global Communications aims to meet the growing demand for consistent business communication tools for various companies worldwide. To provide an efficient mobile workforce during COVID-19, Vitel Global offers flexibility and provides communication services that can simplify mobile workforce management. We offer the best technology that enables the workforce members to be proactive and improve their productivity.

We ensure the effectiveness of your business with Vitel Global Mobile’s suite that allows a perfect collaboration of all the tools, including HD audio and video calling, chat, voicemail, thorough a single mobile interface, regardless of location. Our CRM link helps you to retain more customers, as it integrates business communication into a better office environment to improve agent productivity.

Therefore, the Vitel Global CRM link is useful to increase call efficiency, redefining the customer’s experience. You don’t need to toggle between different tools to perform essential sales activities, as Vitel Global provides a powerful integration where you can easily set up and configure the API and enjoy swift phone calls and auto-dial features. With Vitel Global mobile app, you have flexible, reliable, and secure CRM / ATS integration. Although, you can make calls from any device and any location. We also provide the best management and customizations with which you can perform automated tracking via call reports.

Hence, we let you enjoy absolute control over your company’s business process and assist you in upgrading your employees. With our tracking system, you can access live call reports where you can track and manage your agent’s calls effectively. Then, you have better insights and will be able to generate powerful reports that can further help you in proper analysis and highlight the variations, if any, and make essential decisions that prove profitable for your company. Hence, integrate your business applications with our phone system for the efficient mobile workforce.

Smart Routing of IVR During #COVID-19

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technique of smart routing that is useful to route the callers to the appropriate agent. Vitel Global Communications comes up with smart routing of IVR system that increases the sales, improves customer’s support and helps to maintain efficient billing.

Interactive Voice Response of Vitel Global Communications gives your business a personalized experience of smart routing of IVR during COVID-19 that can route your business callers to the exact destination without any delay. It acts as a telephony menu on the call that suggests relative options from which callers can choose and access the appropriate solution for their concerns. Our IVR system is developed, by keeping in mind the latest technology and users’ requirements, that can be considered as a perfect match for your agents, as it will enable them to be more specific at the time of user interaction and at providing them with a relevant resolution. It can assist your agents during high volume calls, as they get prioritized calls according to their area of expertise.

Therefore, our smart IVR system helps to maintain better customer relationship management and increase business revenue. As per its appropriateness, it reduces time spent in gathering caller’s information and transferring the call to another agent.

Vitel Global offers the intelligent routing of IVR that increases the customer’s satisfaction and customer service efficiency. As the callers get the right agent on call, it enhances first contact resolution and eliminates the problem of repetition of the same queries. With our smart routing of IVR, we have tried to replace availability with speciality, as the callers will not only get the available agent but the best agent according to the specifications of the query. Hence, try Vitel Global’s IVR system to assist your business to increase sales, enhance customer service and efficient billing.

Financial Text Archiving – Wealth Managers Keys to Improve Text Message Engagement with Clients

Strict industry and legal requirements are the primary reasons as to why many wealth managers today are keener to capture and record mobile SMS that they received on a daily basis. As they become too busy on complying the requirements from SEC and FINRA, they ended up become enigmatic to the fact that such regulations are designed to enrich their relationship with their clients and generate new avenues for revenue generation.

Formulating strategies that can aid in making text messaging an effective tool that enables both the clients and advisors to make the right decisions is just as equally important as focusing on archiving compliance. In addition to optimizing decision-making skills, giving emphasis on text message engagement can also lead to the ability of your company to deliver quality services that can provide better customer experience.

This infographic brought to you by Telemessage will give some of the key takeaways to improve text message engagement with clients

Top Indications You Are Ready For A Regulatory Compliance Audit

The requirements to comply with FINRA, SEC, MiFID II, IIROC, and others regarding the archiving of text messages and recording of video calls were updated yet many firms remain naïve of these and end up being non-compliant.

Several companies do not monitor trades systematically even though MIFID II requires it; other registered firms did not maintain WSPs or monitor communications, websites, social media, or external email accounts even when needed for complying to FINRA.

Experts said that there are two reasons why firms continue to be non-compliant. One reason is that they think the new regulations do not apply to their business while another reason states that the companies believed that their current systems were sufficient.

When an auditor comes for your employees’ communications data can you provide them without being penalized for being late, having disparate records, and incurring additional costs for technical and human resource capabilities?

You’re ready for an audit when you have a centralized database for archived communications, you can capture high-quality voice calls, have a mobile archiving solution integrated to a CRM, and if your database can be accessed remotely and securely.

Telemessage’s infographic provides more details for the indications stated above.

Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters (Infographic)

WhatsApp Messenger is now one of the most common examples of freeware for voice over IP as well as cross-platform messaging. Due to its accessibility, people have now realized the potential of WhatsApp by utilizing it as a convenient way of modern communication.

In fact, it even proved itself quite useful especially on matters regarding legal cases.Being involved in a court trial is undoubtedly a pains taking ordeal to experience since it could possibly destroy one’s reputation and even inflict some financial liabilities.

Electronic messages can be pretty helpful in these kinds of situations due to the fact that given the necessary requirements, they can be presented as viable evidence to the court.

The infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage will discuss all the usage and benefits of archiving WhatsApp messages for trial and legal matters, specifically in terms of:

  • WhatsApp Evidence and Its Admissibility
  • Establishing Authenticity Through Enterprise Archiving