Why You Should Be Concerned about Cyber-Security

Are you prepared to be shut down for weeks while getting the criminal to give you back your information? You can look up statistics and articles about ransomware and the one thing all of them indicate is that ransomware is a thriving business and could very likely hit your enterprise at some point in the future. One of the reasons these attacks are increasing is a new “product” called RaaS, or Ransomware as a Service. Creators of ransomware tools sell their software to anyone who wants to buy in and use it to make money. Their “subscription fee” is a percentage of the take from any successful Ransomware attack using their software. Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) for cloud ERP. AWS has serious Cyber Security included.

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Clydontech – Powerful Cabling Solutions for all your Needs

Clydon Technologies is available to provide solution to all the cabling related services. Their service helps you to make your business move smoothly with the required infrastructure. It uses systimax which provides copper and fibre structured cabling solution. Systimax is used on leading industries in the field of network related organization, education and health. For more details, visit our website at https://clydontech.com/

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Talent Acquisition Technologies

What are the reasons that some technical recruiters aren’t taking benefit of talent acquisition technologies?

Cost is certainly one. A minority might be afraid to update. But for most non-adopters, the issue comes down to ego—thinking that they don’t need talent acquisition technologies for work they’re perfectly capable of doing.

7 Ways to Promote your Website

With billions of pages on the internet, it is getting harder and harder to for people to find your website. This infographic offers information about a variety of the best ways to promote one’s website that are available. Promotional methods discussed are as follows. First, one can use search engine optimization, which will help your website rank higher in the organic results. Second, one can use paid search engines to pull in visitors. Third, social media platforms allow your organization to interact with potential clients. Fourth, quality web directories will provide your website with a ranking boost. Fifth, getting customer reviews about your business will encourage people to visit. Sixth, a blog with useful and engaging blog posts will help establish your brand as an authority. And finally, seventh, email marketing can be used to increase leads and sales.

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Doing Social Media Monitoring the Right Way

Social media monitoring holds great significance for brand marketers who trying to build engaging communities. It helps to measure the impact of your social media campaigns in real-time with instant updates on engagement metrics. It helps in Product development, content strategy, impact of social media campaigns, identify influencers, analyzing competitors and customer support.

Visit : https://www.trackmyhashtag.com/blog/social-media-monitoring/

What Is Meant By Digital Marketing? & Different Types Of Digital Marketing

As people are spending more and more time on screens making digital marketing more valuable in current times. Yes, you know a little bit about it but this guide will let you know whole about digital marketing. 

To give you a careful comprehension of what the term „Digital Marketing” incorporates, here are the 10 most significant kinds of advanced advertising. Furthermore, you should ensure that you think pretty much every one of them before you choose what kinds of advertising you will remember for your digital marketing promotion. Types of Digital Marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Influencer Marketing

Are you looking for a short period of course? This is the best field that you can build your career and earn money. If you want to learn digital marketing free, I am going to provide a detailed blog on each digital marketing topic.


Top Google Searches 2019

Who would forget some of the most unexpected things that happened during the year 2019? Have you done searching online because something was so trivial and you would like to know about it? Here are some of the top searches in Google for 2019.

  1. People would search for various items including actors and actresses such as Antonio Brown, Kevin Hart, and R. Kelly. Was it because they had new movies or books?
  2. Of course, diet is always on the list. Getting to know more about how to keep your diet checked can also be done online. Simple tips about lifestyle have been searched a lot by the users.

Cost Breakdown: Where the Money for Your Internet Service Goes

Have you ever wondered why your internet bill is so high? Here’s where the money you pay your ISP actually goes — how much the service costs, and how much is just profit for your internet company.

The average US internet bill has reached $60 per month — approaching almost $1,000 each year for something it’s hard to exist in the modern world without.

ISPs are notoriously secretive about their operational costs. On top of that, there are various service types, such as cable, DSL, and fiber, which make it difficult to tell exactly what part of your internet bill pays for what.

By analyzing SEC filings submitted by Comcast, customers’ average internet bill is $56.91 per month  — close to the $60 national average. Based on the company’s costs and revenue ($17.144 billion) that it reported in 2018, we now have something of an idea about where the money you pay for your internet bill each month goes. 40% of the bill is profit for Comcast.

Aviation Website Design -3 Keys

We have built dozens of web sites for aviation-related companies in the last two years, and each one we launch gets slightly better results.
We’ve boiled down our learnings to three key factors:
1. Form Follows Function
2. Don’t Try to Please Everybody, Just your Ideal Prospects
3. Make the Next Step Clear & Advantageous
We’ve found that the sites that best follow these key factors do the best. Aviation customers are smarter and more savvy than retail customers. They expect more from every interaction with an aviation-related company, including your web site!
See video and transcript of our discussion here.

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Best Divi Image Sizes for Your Website

Understanding what image aspect ratio is will help you to design your Divi website in a better way. An aspect ratio is the proportion of the width and height of your image. There are 3 common aspect ratios we use for our images, these are 16:9, 4:3 and 3:4. The most popular of these 3 is 16:9. Your Divi website consists of multiple row and column structure. With this cheat sheet you will have all of the right image measurements you can use for each column structure at a glance.

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SEO Facts

Search engine optimization and online marketing are subject to constant change. in order to be able to assert oneself successfully as a company in one’s industry, one must react in order to be one step ahead of the competition. those who don’t go with the times, go with the times, it is known that there is nothing better than to make confident with current statistics. What has changed in 2019 regarding SEO? This infographic shows useful SEO and Online Marketing information such as all relevant ranking factors in 2019 or average CPC in different states. Backlinks, Content, RankBrain and OnPage are very important in 2019 to achieve good Google Rankings. To what extent do SEOs have to consider the click-through-rate, which depends on the respective Google position? Where is online advertising for online marketing and advertising services most expensive? All this is answered by this clever infographic, which every SEO and Online marketer should have hanging over his bed!

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11 Reasons Amazon Sellers Lose the Buy Box

Competition is stiff in the actual market and it is more stringent in the online marketplace because of several branded and brandless products that operate both in a local and global scale. One of the effective strategies used today is ensuring that you have a strong consumer group in the Amazon. However, there are cases when this is not enough. You can check some of the problems that you will need to address.


  1. You are not prime eligible and your product is more expensive than similar products present in Amazon.
  2. Or in other cases, your product is cheaper than other products on a third-party site.
  3. More reasons why Amazon sellers lose the buy box are in this infographic.

Instructions that help you Setup Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings

AT&T despite getting the ownership of SBCglobal email didn’t make changes to the brand name of the email, which was part of the company’s strategy. In this blog, we discussing how to setup Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings on your desktop. AT&T believed that changing the name of SBCglobal to something else would add to the confusion among the people, plus many prospective customers may not subscribe to the email service. Therefore, ATT went with the same name, and the move worked for the company. As we know that SBCGlobal email is one of the most convenient and reliable mail servers from where you can receive and send your important files, attachments, pictures, etc. With that, the process of creating an account on SBCglobal email concludes. If you have an SBCglobal email login account, then you should be signing into your account instead of creating an account.

7 Things That Set a Good SEO Agency Apart from the Competition

Nowadays, digital marketing becomes more competitive and challenging. Big agencies and small firms are popping up every day. Thus, we provide you with some tips on how to find the right SEO Company to help you with your website’s visibility and to improve your ranking.


Here are the things that should be considered before hiring one of them such as;

  • Finding the winning team to do the job for you
  • SEO firms those are able to utilize the latest SEO trends
  • Have a deep understanding of the process of ON-Page optimization
  • Has an eye to high-quality articles and relevant content
  • Capable to strategize white-hat link building
  • Can keep up with the updates and able to customize an approach
  • Know how to practice transparency


These are all the common things every business owners should keep in mind before hiring the right one. Remember a poor SEO provider might compromise your business growth.


4 Ideas to Generate Good Blog Content

With trillions of known web pages on the Internet, new bloggers are getting discouraged. Trying to compete with billions of websites in this situation seems difficult and hopeless. But the truth is around 90% of the web pages on the internet offer very little value to their readers.

Putting this in mind, what can you do to succeed and make your website known? You have to create superior content that actually gives value to the readers. There are several known bloggers who started their website with exceptional content and that is what pushed them up to the top. But the real question here is, how do create a great content that is compelling to the readers? To get your answer, read the infographic.

Indirect Spend vs Direct Spend

When it comes to procurement concerns, a company has two goals: maximize their profit and minimize their cost. Maximizing profits through production and selling of goods and services and minimize their cost by ensuring that all resources are used and monitored efficiently. However, because some costs are not easily seen, it is given less control and monitoring. Such as in the case of indirect spending which is discussed in this infographic.

  1. Direct spending refers to costs associated with procuring materials that are directly related to production. This can be easily seen, measured and controlled.
  2. Indirect spending is the expenditures for materials that are indirectly related to products such as office supplies, repairs, consultation, and a few administrative expenses.