Richest Black Communities In the US

When it comes to the ten most affluent black communities in America, Maryland is a breakout star. From the top ten list, five of the richest black communities are located in Maryland. Two are located in New York and three are located in Los Angeles. All of them have average family income above 76,000 with the highest being View Park, California with a average family income of 159,000. This infographic showcases the richest black communities in the US.

Infographic by Richest Black Commuities

5 Ways to Help the Poor

It takes compassion and good character to help the poor. However, to care for the poor can be overwhelming and not easy. In a biblical point of view, helping the poor provides us a practical chance to worship the Big Provider above. Every person has unique ways to express their concern and help the poor. Poverty can come from a spiritual problem. Though we cannot totally eliminate it for ourselves and our fellowmen, we can at least minister to those who need our help and give a part of our time and resources while we are still here.

Infographic by 5 Ways to Help the Poor