Eye Twitching – Why Does Your Eye Twitch

Eye twitching is one of the most common problem among the people with their eyes. So, if you are also facing such problem on regular basis then you are not alone. An eye twitch can either be something very serious or just an issue for a short that you don’t need to worry about. There can be many possibilities for an eye twitching. Some of the most common causes of eye twitching include stress, strain, dry eyes, fatigue, alcohol, caffeine, nutritional problems, allergies etc.

Here we will see few more details on each of these causes along with the options to tackle the eye twitching. Once you understand the causes then it becomes easy to take further steps in order to prevent the same in near future. In some cases an eye twitch may result in some eye conditions like conjunctivitis. However, this is less likely to happen but one should be aware of it.

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