Top 7 reasons why preemptive construction management is crucial for construction firms.

Subject to a myriad of reasons and market fluctuations, construction can be extremely competitive. The economic survival of construction companies and the victory of each construction project rely on effective construction coordination/management, accurate planning, improved use of resources, and performance.

A study suggests, that those new construction companies that are in business for less than 365 days, fail at a rate of more than 35%.

Construction management involves the use of processes, services, and software from planning to construction and operations – which includes scheduling and budgeting. There’s a myriad of construction management software or apps being created and used by construction professionals and firms, yet iFieldSmart Technologies have set the bar higher with construction management capabilities like no other.

Top 5 consequences of inaccurate or inefficient construction management.

  • Your construction budget overshoots – you’re going to lose out on money and profits
  • You’ll run into project delays – you’ll pay for more manhours, materials onsite are delayed, and budget creeps will set-in
  • Expensive equipment will breakdown – continuous maintenance of equipment onsite, malfunctions, or replacements will create cost overages
  • Non-compliance with safety regulations – conflicting documentation can give rise to lawsuits and costly vulnerabilities
  • Poor communication issues within multiple remote teams – silo workflows lead to cost and time problems, and other disastrous outcomes

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