London’s Scariest Recycling & Waste Facts + How to Improve Them

London is a large city, not the largest, but with a population of 8.1 million within a tightly packed 1,572 km² concrete jungle for the most part, recycling and rubbish clearance are a big issue. Londoners produce obscene amounts of waste in a daily basis and with global warming become a leading topic in conversations around the world, this is an issue that needs addressing. London is a business hub, a centre for industries and powerhouse in the global economy, however all of this does lead to a lot more waste! The infographic above highlights just how big London’s recycling problem is, and also points out ways that it can be reduced, though appropriate recycling and even utilising rubbish removal companies. The solution is not a fast one, but it is needed sorely, with the environment at stake recycling is something that must be taken more seriously.

Source: Rubbish removal company in London