Why Travelers Need a Travel Card?

Choosing between cash or credit card for payments, whether for necessities or souvenirs and leisure, can become problematic for travelers, especially for those traveling abroad.

Cash may have the upper hand when it comes to micropayments, but what makes a credit card advantageous in the long run?

First, travel credit cards save a lot of money when it comes to expenditures. The exchange rate can be a problem as it fluctuates and may cause travelers to pay in cash more than what is intended.

Travel cards are more secure than cash. Traveling can be a hassle due to lost money, but a credit card lost can simply be reported to the card company, keeping funds intact in the process.

Swiping a card is also more convenient than manually counting bills. It reduces the confusion regarding local currency, and saves travelers from the risk of exposure against criminal activities.

Travel insurance and travel benefits also give credit cards an edge versus cash. It provides travelers with peace of mind and fulfillment because of the security benefits and exclusive perks.

While cash may still be preferable in short transactions, travel credit cards give travelers a new rewarding experience when it comes to payment. Get the best out of these tips by this infographic from iChoose.ph:

Six tips to driving safely in the Philippines

There is a trend in Metro Manila roads for the past ten years, and this is not a good one. Since 2005, the amount of car accidents in the Metro has increased over the past decade. It doubled as the statistics say that from 2007-2018, car crashes went from 63,072 cases to a massive 116,906 in 2018.

Human error has been the prior reason for almost every accident in Manila. According to the Philippine National Police, 8 out of 10 accidents in Manila are due to mistakes committed by the drivers themselves. Some of these errors are losing control, not indicating proper road signals, and driving while texting or under the influence.

However, causes such as mechanical problems and lost brakes are also a part of this situation. Pedestrians, on the other hand, could be a victim of their own decisions as jaywalking can also be a factor in accidents. Damage caused by road accidents is totaled to millions in terms of material but is priceless when it comes to the human lives it has taken.

Driving on streets today is more dangerous than ever. The Metro Manila Development Authority has recorded that car accidents caused 49 injuries and one death per day in 2018. This is a terrible fact that needs to be addressed by the government and vehicle owners to make the Philippine roads safe for everyone.

As a driver, you need to be more careful. Here is an iChoose infographic on six things you can do to lessen your chances of being a part of this statistic.

Things you should remember while choosing the yacht charters

Most of the people wish to spend their vacation by enjoying the cruising in the yacht charters. If you wish to utilize your vacation on cruising, then you need to plan for that. It is important to know about the steps to select the boat charters. It is required to conduct some research before choosing a boat firm. You need to conduct a research on the destinations, costs, terms and conditions.

Source: yacht charters fl

9 Tips for New Drivers

Driving is not a game. It requires extra care and concentration especially if you are new to this. There are several reminders that you need to consider. This includes getting a safety app. Some cars have built-in GPS, turn it on so that you have an overview of the track that you are about to take. Keeping your distance, following the rules, being smart and being prepared are a few of the things you need to always tell yourself. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. So, don’t rush. Take your time and drive back and forth to your house or workplace safe and sound.

7 Easy Health and Fitness Tips For Business Travellers (Infographic)

Being a business traveller can be a pretty daunting job especially when the challenges concerning the physical well-being arrives. Most people think that travelling for business purposes is an enjoyable and lucrative profession without any significant downsides on the part of the employee, but this is clearly a misconception. A business traveller could be well exposed to several health risks as venturing in different places makes someone an easy target for contracting foreign diseases.

Speaking about a fitness routine, any employee who spends much time on travelling can face some difficulties when it comes to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing body. Fortunately, healthy practices can be so expansive and flexible that acquiring certain knowledge combined with determination make the difference in achieving such a desirable state.

Are you a business professional who travels from time to time? To keep you on track with your healthy living, here’s an infographic by Hyryde that can surely help you.

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance for your Long Road Trip

Road trips can be fun, especially when you have to spend most of the day seeing the beautiful sceneries and landmarks as you pass through the roadway. However, accidents can happen when you least expect it, and your road trip is going to be more memorable if you have yourselves ensured with travel insurance.

Availing travel insurance is a basic staple for those venturing in faraway places as it allows coverage for some of the most common travel risks such as medical expenses in case of an unexpected accident or if someone gets sick while on the way.

Aside from medical coverage, travel insurance policies can also provide other coverages and benefits that are pretty handy in case of great need. Though remember to educate yourself first before purchasing a policy so that you can be aware of what you can claim and lessen all of your worries in case something went wrong during your journey.

The infographic above by iChoose give you some important pointers in selecting the most suitable travel insurance for your long road trip

7 Things to Watch for Down the Road

Drivers who are drunk and distracted have higher chances of meeting an accident. However, these are not the only reasons why you can be an unfortunate victim of an accident. This infographic shows that distracted, drunk and tired other drivers may also initiate an accident, rain, fog and flood can block your line of sight or your way causing you to lose control and hit a tree or any concrete rails. If you want to ensure your safety when you are driving, you must be aware of the hazards or risks that you will encounter so that you can prepare for it. Being proactive is the key to accident-free driving experience.

Lessen the Chances of Getting in a Car Crash

Getting caught in an accident is a constant possibility for drivers everywhere, and these can range from the minor to the fatal. People get injured and, sometimes, die even no matter how careful the driver can be. There are many factors to a car crash, and most are outside the control of the driver.

A driver can prepare for an accident before driving by conducting maintenance. Poorly maintained engines and tires can cause accidents more than anyone might otherwise think.

Accidents that may occur from poor maintenance stem from unusual sounds in the engine, lacking air pressure in tires, low oil, and insufficient coolant and brake fluids.

There are several ways drivers can secure themselves from the dangers of driving. Even though there are external factors to accidents, knowing how to secure themselves increase the chances of drivers from getting involved in a crash.

Some of the ways a driver can get from one place to another are by practicing defensive driving, checking blind spots, keeping the eyes constantly moving, signaling, following speed limits, and maintaining a distance from other vehicles.

For more information on how to lessen the chances of getting in a car crash, see iChoose.ph’s infographic for more detailed information.

Women in Travel: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work (Infographic)

The business travel industry has evolved through time, giving more travelers access to having secured and productive business travel. Women who travel for business has now also significantly contributed by creating a diverse and equal working community. It is also no doubt that certain risks are always present despite the fact of security, that is why travelers should be extra cautious when it comes to their flights and chosen services.

In this infographic created by Hyryde, learn the different ways how can women travelers protect themselves when traveling for work. To give you some insight, here’s a pointer that you should consider:

  • Protect yourself from Harassment – There are a lot of people who have bad intentions not just only with women, but also specifically with business travelers. Knowing that you have essential documents and deals with business people, it is wise to be cautious with harassers during your trip. Protect yourself by equipping backup plans that will direct your route to contact local police or any assistance before any assault takes place.

The Best Time to Visit Iceland

A growing tourist destination, many people ask the question “When is the best time to visit Iceland?”. To answer that question, you first need to decide what you are interested in seeing. There’s a multitude of attractions for all types of people. For some, the hot springs are the ideal activities. For others, the whale watching tours are of great interest. Additionally, the northern lights may be the sole reason for the vacation. All of these sights are available in Iceland, but some at different times of the year than others. With this infographic, you can decide what excursions your prioritize and then see the best time of the year to travel!

Infographic Source Link: https://thesavvytraveler.com/the-best-time-to-visit-iceland/

How to Camp in Remote Regions Safely

Camping is a great way to connect with the outdoors, and trying out remote regions takes RV or backpack camping to the next level. A remote region is anywhere that is away from populated areas with an established area or town. It is a different experience because it’s far from both medical help and bathroom facilities, plus requires extra safety precautions. In order to assure safety measures, never travel without a first aid kit and know the weather forecast ahead of time. In this infographic, you’ll find all the essentials to pack for a remote region camping trip. It’s also important to remember that in your backpack you’ll have to fit everything because typically this type of camping involves carrying out everything you carry in.

Infographic Source Link: https://myfamilytent.com/how-to-camp-in-remote-regions-safely/

5 Reasons to Rotate Your Tires

There are many reasons why you need to be extra cautious when it comes to the condition of your car’s tires. Though a few car owners tend not to pay much attention to it, you should be vigilant in always ensuring that you can drive the car without troubles in the future. That includes sending it for tire rotation once in a while. Why? This infographic will let you know.

  1. It keeps your warranty valid.
  2. It provides consistency in its performance.
  3. Ensure that all sides of the tires are evenly used.
  4. Vibration is minimized and of course, safety is ensured.

5 Reasons to Choose Synthetic Oil Over Conventional Oil

Why was there a need for synthetic oil? As you know the weather has become so erratic that you cannot predict when it’s going to get cold or hot.  Because of this, synthetic oil was made to work on both hot and cold temperature. This infographic will prove that synthetic oil is more beneficial for your engine than the conventional one.

1. It is designed to resist too much level of heat and friction generated by engines.

2. Creating the product was made with thorough research; that’s why there is a significant difference in price.

3. Synthetic oil allows you to drive two to three times more than the natural oil.  

Boeing 737- Fast Facts About the B737 Airliner

The decision to become an airline pilot is a great one, especially at this time in history.

Many more pilots will be needed to replace retiring pilots, and to fly people in parts of the world that are enjoying air travel at unprecedented levels.

Getting your initial pilot training and good fundamentals is a solid first step. Getting your private rating, instrument, commercial and multi-engine can all serve well for a variety of jobs in aviation.

But to fly an airline, you’ll need a type rating. This is a special certificate that provides the education and tests your knowledge to be sure you are a safe pilot.

The decision to get a type rating in a Boeing 737 is a great one, for five reasons:

  1. You’ll have lots of options of airlines to work for!
  2. There are a LOT of 737 aircraft being flown in different places around the world.
  3. A VERY large number of 737s are still being manufactured, which indicates it has a long future ahead of it.
  4. It’s in very wide usage in a variety of different locations, routes and airlines.
  5. Pilots love the 737.

Source: Boeing 737

Five Mistakes You are Making When Booking a Flight Ticket

  • You are searching in only one airline
  • You are booking on a wrong day
  • You are booking on weekends and holidays
  • You are not using incognito mode while searching for cheap flights
  • You are not flexible with time and date
  • You are not including taxes
  • You are not using the right online flight booking portal
  • You are not booking in advance
  • You are not looking for deals and discounts
  • You are not looking for budget airline

The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees

Whenever people go on a vacation, many would like to take small mementos home to remind them of their travels, and they can use to look back and reminisce on their experience during their holiday. One of the most common touristy things people like to grab in stores is a T-shirt, specifically travel destination shirts that showcase the places they visited.

Destination shirts are not just for tourists. Even locals wear destination shirts to show their support for their hometowns.

Unfortunately, these shirts usually have a terrible reputation which anyone who took a trip to several souvenir shops would understand. These tees have the same problems from cheap materials to loud and messy designs.

As online shops start appearing on the internet, competition for these types of clothing apparel grows. Stores become more creative with their designs so you can expect options to become more extensive. Clothing brands would need more than just a gorgeous clothing design to stand out and create a lasting business.

Geotees is one of these brands that offer beyond high-quality and well-designed tees. While geotees is not just your run-of-the-mill t-shirt, they also provide a one of a kind experience that starts before you can open your package.  This infographic by geotees gives everything you need to know about the unique experience geotees offers.