Top 12 Myths About Car Care – Busted!

There is a lot of misinformation out there about car care, and separating fact from fiction is not always easy. That can even true for automotive professionals. That’s why we’re diving in and finding out what’s true, what’s phony, and what’s the best way to keep you car running safely and smoothly for as long as possible. Keep in mind that regular scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent major unexpected car problems. But with that said, check out the top 12 most common myths about car care – busted!

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The 10 Most Common Car Warning Lights on Dashboard

We’ve been getting many readers sending in private questions asking about what their car warning lights mean.

Yes, to drive on the road, you should always be aware of your safety. Here is an infographic which mentioned the ten most common car warning lights in your car dashboard everyone should keep in mind for car safety.   Many cautioning lights, for example, emission control, show that an issue has happened……

The common car warning lights on the dashboard should be taken your consideration while driving. Car dashboard lights are nothing new, but those are the message indicating to take further steps. Seeing coolant light on the dashboard could mean running low. So check the gauge and necessary actions.

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Airbus A320 – Fast Facts

The Airbus A320 series ranked as the world’s fastest-selling jet airliner and as the best-selling single-generation aircraft program. 6,157 aircraft are currently in service. Another 5,099 airliners are on firm order.
Since its first flight back in 1988, the Airbus A320 remains to be one of the most ordered and used aircraft amongst airlines across the globe. It is was the first commercial aircraft that was outfitted with the Fly-By-Wire system, catapulting the technology of then analogue pilot controls into digital electronic signals via wire transmissions.
A market-leader in the single-aisle jetliner industry and one of the best-selling aircrafts in the world, the A320 offers flexibility and improved performance. To date, Airbus has already logged over 11,000 booked orders for the A320 family. Its unique construction, consistently strong performance, cost efficiency and its high capacity for both cross-region and cross-continental flights makes the A320 a popular choice in the industry.
AeroStar is the world leader in ATP CTP and Type Rating Training and is now offering an A320 Type Rating. A320 Type Rating Training at AeroStar provides a thorough understanding of the Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 series of aircraft.
In the world of commercial aviation, the Airbus A320 (A320) is one of the most frequently used aircraft. Here we discuss why investing in an A320 Type Rating with AeroStar Training Services proves to be advantageous for current Airline Transport Pilots and future ATP pilots.

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The Anatomy of a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are complex machines but everyone from enthusiasts to mechanics can benefit from knowing how they work and the parts they’re made up of. Getting to know your bike is about more than seeing how it handles or how it runs on the road; it’s about knowing how each of its parts work in unison. This not only helps you to troubleshoot problems, but offers you a way to invest some added passion by upgrading or swapping out for parts that are better suited to your ride and the kind of experience you want. Check out this infographic to better familiarize yourself with the anatomy of your motorcycle!

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How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Driving is a task that people often take for granted. However, some people are particularly attuned to the dangers and risks associated with driving. These people often feel overwhelming anxiety when they think about being in control of a vehicle. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or scared when you’re operating something as large and potentially deadly as a car. In fact, more of us should feel more aware of the dangers! Many of us don’t stop to consider how a small mistake can result in the injury or death of ourselves, our passenger, or someone in another vehicle. However, unless you live in a place where public transportation is easily accessible and it takes you exactly where you need to do, being able to drive is a necessity. Overcoming your anxiety often comes down to building confidence and familiarizing yourself with the routes you travel and the maneuvers that you will commonly need to make. This infographic offers some tips and advice for any new driver who struggles with the thought of driving.

Fastest and Slowest Speed Limits by State

If happens you want to drive at the highest speed you desire, then this article is for you. In the US, there are several states that allow you to speed up. However, there are other factors to reconsider such as insurance premium cost, fees, and fines and driving records if in case you will get caught over speeding in selected states that are strict rules for over speeding.

This infographic will show you what states have the fastest and slowest speed limits.

Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana come in the 5th place allowing you to drive of 72 miles per hour. The 4th place is the North Dakota and Idaho with limit averaging to 73 miles per hour. Maine, Utah, and Wyoming come in the 3rd place with a speed level of 75 miles per hour. Also, they allow drivers to advance up to 77 miles per hour.  Meanwhile, South Dakota comes in the 2nd place of the speediest state and on the 1st place is Texas. Well, if you are a fast driver this state is suitable for you. You can drive up to a maximum of 90 miles per hour.

If there are places belong to the fastest, also there are parts of the US that have the slowest speed limit. For example in Delaware, New York, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont have a significant speed of between 57 -58 miles per hour. For the slowest speed, there comes the Indiana, Connecticut and New Jersey at the 3rd spot with only to the extent of 62 miles per hour.  And in the 1st place is Massachusetts on the 1st spot with only 65 miles per hour.

Risks and Challenges for Teen Drivers

Learning to drive is a major milestone in a person’s life. For teens, this is often an exciting time because they are being given more freedom as they enter adulthood. Unfortunately, there are a lot of challenges that they have to overcome due to their age, inexperience and the decisions that many of them make. The troubling statistics in this infographic serve to raise awareness about the critical issues that need to be addressed so that young drivers can become better, safer drivers.

How to Calculate Freight Rates in LTL Shipping

Calculating freight  rates used to be a pain. You’d telephone a broker – and if you’re lucky broker would pick up… Hours or days later – broker would back. See our new infographic what goes in freight rates calculation. You can now find the best rates online in a matter of seconds using technology, but it’s far from trivial.

The factors determining less than a truckload (LTL) freight rates in the U.S. and Canada  include Commodity, Size and Weight, Density Calculation, Freight Class, Location Type and Distance. See the infographic for more detail.

Remember, there are also differences between how freight shipping rates get calculated in the U.S. and Canada. It is more complicated in the U.S. where most carriers require shippers to indicate NMFC code and Class. NMFC code and Class are not used in Canada, where carriers use dimensional weight or skid-based rates. In the U.S.-Canada cross-border shipping, NMFC code and Class requirements are typically required depending on the carrier.

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Master Moving Guide

Master Moving Guide – a different kind of moving experience
If you’re having trouble planning your upcoming move, there’s no need to panic. Rely on Master Moving Guide to organize the whole process from scratch. Whether you’re looking for local or international movers, our specialists have answers to all your questions. All you need to do is give us basic details on your home and destination. In return, we give you the list of best available movers, together with moving quotes and cheap storage solutions. Your relocation is our business. We take it from here.

ELD Compliance Timeline – What’s the Industry’s Future?

Read more about ELF and what is the future of the industry thanks to this infographic. The infographic presents an ELD compliance timeline and some valuable information. For example, ELDs would be required to record vehicle location at every change of duty status and at minimum of 60 minute intervals.

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Types of Insurance Claims and Motor Vehicle Accidents

An accident is unpredictable. You will never anticipate what will happen on the day. The most serious case of accidents is excessive speed or road rage. In this case, Virginia Law, drivers may either purchase car insurance privately or pay the state to drive uninsured. Paying a $500 fee to the state allows a vehicle to operate without insurance. Includes minimal coverage. There is no difference with other insurance claims, rather be a responsible driver. Insurance claims are not mandatory but necessary.

The 10 Most Expensive Car Accidents in History

Car accidents are expensive for everyone involved. Not only is there the issue of property damage, but there are medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages that might not be seen right away and add up in the end.
In history, there have been several accidents that ranked top dollar. This is not the value of an injury claim, but the actual costs of the incident for the insurance company and victims involved.
Whether it is a luxury car involved in the accident, vintage car, or someone famous, these incidents can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes venture into the millions. These top ten incidents are ranked from the least to the most expensive.

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Teen Drivers are at Higher Risk of Distracted Driving Accidents

Seeing your teen take off to drive on their own for the first time can be an exciting day. It can also be a frightening one. The stats on teen driving show many unpleasant facts. For example, teens are far more likely to drive while on a mobile device. This leads to wrecks caused by distracted driving. This infographic helps you understand the top dangers that teen drivers face. It also helps you understand how to protect your teen and help them be a safer driver.

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Lyft & Uber Safety Information

Uber and Lyft have become the preferred method of transportation for many. They are cheaper than taxis. They can pick you up at almost any time. They make it easy to go out drinking with friends without worrying about having to drive home. They make trips without a car affordable. Unfortunately, there are some safety concerns. For example, do you know what you would do if your driver got into a wreck? This infographic examines the safety issues you should be aware of regarding Uber and Lyft.

Infographic by Uber and Lyft safety

Emissions Testing & Registration Renewals in Utah [2018]

What happens if I’m caught without proper registration for my vehicle?

First off, let’s talk penalties for those first-time vehicle owners or anyone just needing a refresher.

By the time you got your license, you’d probably seen police officers pulling people over on TV often enough that the phrase, “License and registration, please” started to sound like a cliché. But don’t take it for granted, as many new drivers do, if on the first time you’re ever pulled over in a friend or parent’s car, you manage to find that elusive piece of paper in the glove box. Someone had to go through the trouble of putting it there, and now that you have a vehicle of your own, that someone is you. Here’s what you stand to lose if proof of registration isn’t available when a police officer asks you for it.

As of May 12, 2015, driving without registration was classified in Utah as a class C misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $1,000! This fine can be reduced to $200, however, if proof of registration is given at the time of the hearing, and if the vehicle had not gone unregistered for more than a year. But why play those odds? That’s still $200 you could’ve spent on something else. Worst case scenario: you could have your car impounded.

Before January 1st, 2018, Utah was among 16 states that required annual safety inspections for personal passenger vehicles, but no longer. These inspections checked off the status of things like brakes, headlights, and windshields, but the legislation, passed in March of 2017, is projected to save Utah drivers as much as $25 million a year, since drivers are no longer required by law to get those things fixed in order to register their vehicles.

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Truck Accidents. Why? When? And How?

Trucks are used every day to transport food, fuel, and other items across the US. They help bring Americans items they need, rain or shine. However, trucks often cause many traffic fatalities each year. They are large enough that they are much more dangerous to get into a crash with than normal vehicles. This infographic explains the common causes of truck accidents. It also explains what to do if you find yourself in an accident with a truck and what you can do to stay safe while sharing the road with trucks.

Infographic by truck accidents

2021 US$ 22.3 Bn: Global Automotive LED Lighting Market is estimated to touch US$ 22.3 Bn By 2021

The first five-year (2017-2021) cumulative revenue is projected to be US$ 22.3 Bn, and is expected to increase significantly to US$ 36.7 Bn, over the latter part of the five-year forecast period (2022-2026).

Global Automotive LED Lighting Market: Segmental Snapshot

By application: The exterior segment is estimated to register a CAGR of over 10%, thereby accounting for highest revenue share among the application segments, over the forecast period.

By sales channel: The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) segment is estimated to account for highest revenue share among the sales channel segments, and is expected to register a CAGR of over 10% over the forecast period.

By vehicle type: The passenger cars segment is estimated to account for highest revenue share among the vehicle type segments, and is expected to register highest CAGR during next 10 years.

By region: The market in Asia Pacific accounted for highest revenue share in the global automotive LED lighting market in 2016, and is expected to record highest CAGR between 2017 and 2026.

The research report on the global automotive LED lighting market includes profiles of major companies such as HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, Magneti Marelli S.p.A., Valeo SA., Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Lumberg Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Philips Lighting NV, Osram Licht AG, Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., and Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt. Ltd.

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