Top 6 benefits of Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for any kind of issues like thin hair, unsuited haircuts, parties and much more with the normal hair. Whether it is about adding volume to the hair, increasing the length, the extensions will help you out. The main advantages in choosing the clip in hair extension is that the ease in applying them and they are affordable. It changes the whole outlook of a person, making them empowered and confident throughout the day.

Which Eyelash Extension Style Suits Your Natural Eye Shape?

Eyelash extensions aren’t all the same, and neither are eye shapes – so choosing the right eyelash extension style for your unique eye can be tricky if you’re not a trained professional lash tech…

Luckily we’ve created a handy infographic with the 8 main eye shapes along with the 4 eyelash extension styles that suit them best.

Match your eye as closely as possible to the descriptions up top, and then follow the line down to the style that suits you!

But of course everyone is unique, and even if the style best suited to you isn’t your favourite you can still get any of the other styles, or a combination of them, or even come up with something of your own. Work with your lash tech to get the perfect set of lash extensions for you 🙂

Please note The Lash Spa recommends that if your usual salon offers a ‘one size fits all’ lash application then we recommend finding a salon that can tailor your lashes to your particular eye and face shape as well as your personality and the event you’re attending – it will be worth it 🙂

Natural Sunburn Cures

What are the different ways to cure your skin after suffering from sunburn? One thing we have to deal with after getting exposed to sunlight for a long period of time is sunburn which inflames the skin. To stop the pain from its searing heat and irritation, you can apply potato paste, cornstarch, baking soda and cold compresses. The cooling effect of mint and tea also helps soothe the skin.
Drinking plenty of water and using moisturizers will also help repair dry and damaged skin. You can also fasten the healing process by avoiding bubble and soap. You can also moisturize your skin with lotion.


How Facial Massage Helps Skin

What are the ways in which a facial massage helps the skin? A one minute or two-minute massage offers a lot of benefits to your skin by relieving tension, increasing blood and oxygen circulation, relieving stress and preventing wrinkles.
There are different ways a facial massage is beneficial to your skin. It offers a natural alternative to anti-aging procedures like Botox.  Aside from that, it also helps in the production of collagen that gives the face a healthy glow. A good massage can also help strengthen muscle tone and helps relieves tension from facial muscles. However, it might take 2-3 repeated massage to totally get good effects on the skin.