10 Common Pasta Types and Dishes They are Used For

Today, pasta is among the authentic Italian food that has been adopted by different countries, apart from pizza and antipasti. It is versatile, satisfying, and convenient to cook. Pasta is a dish that is easy to make; typically, you just have to cook the pasta and pair it with appropriate sauces.  

While the original recipe for Italian pasta only consists of pasta, bacon or pancetta, eggs, and parmesan, pasta dishes around the world vary in flavor and ingredients. The most popular pasta dishes are creamy carbonara, macaroni and cheese, and lasagne. People also prepare linguine with tomatoes and beans, creamy vegetable pasta with a tomato-based sauce, zucchini, and garlic.  

There is no wrong choice when it comes to using a specific pasta type in a recipe. However, certain shapes or types of pasta are proven to be more appropriate in certain dishes. For example, macaroni, a C-shaped tube pasta, is best used for mac ‘n’ cheese recipes as well as salads and soups. But it is not suited to be paired with the traditional red sauce and meatballs. 

Moreover, there are also pasta types that go well with all kinds of creamy sauces and pasta salad recipes. Such type of pasta is farfalle, which is the pasta that is precisely shaped like a bow tie. This pasta type is excellent for holding creamy sauce. It can also be a brilliant pasta to be cooked for children, as it can entice them to eat the food served to them even when the sauce is made with vegetables. 

Knowing the different types of pasta and understanding the types of sauces or the preparations methods appropriate for each kind will enable you to create pasta dishes that are enjoyable and appetizing. 

For more information about the different types of pasta and the dishes they can be used for, read the infographic from Cirelli & Co, an Italian restaurant in Brunswick that offers exquisite Italian wines and food. 

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